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The term scrim tape may not sound familiar to you, but it is one of the commonly used plastering supplies. It comes in different sizes to suit different needs. It is an inexpensive type of tape with specific applications.

What sizes can i expect the scrim tape come in?

Scrim tapes are self-adhesive tapes made of a firm open-weave fabric. They look like a slightly thicker gauze used in medicine or a fine-mesh net but with an adhesive side. They are very long strips with a consistent width rolled in circles just like how most other adhesive tapes appear. They are typically from 48mm to 100mm wide. You can also find scrim tapes that are 200mm wide. Their lengths, on the other hand, can be from 90 meters to 200 meters.

What is scrim tape used for?

The main purpose of scrim tapes is to ensure the seamless and strong connection of plasterboards. Installing plasterboards inevitably creates gaps between two adjacent sheets. Even the most precise installers cannot eliminate these gaps. You can’t find plasterboards that are wide enough to completely cover an entire wall that you don’t have to worry about the gaps.

When the boards are consequently plastered sans the scrim tapes, the gaps become weak spots that can easily lead to cracks. Scrim tapes are applied to address this problem with crack-prone weak points. They work literally “behind the scenes” as the plaster eventually covers them.

Certainly, the open-weave design of scrim tapes is not an aimless differentiation. It appears as an adhesive fine-mesh strip of the net because of a specific purpose, particularly in construction. This design allows the tape to attach to both edges of the adjacent plasterboards and secure in place the plaster coat applied on and around the gaps between connecting plasterboards.

What surfaces does scrim tape work best on?

Scrim tapes are not meant to stick to a surface strongly. Their adhesiveness does not have to be as strong as those of glues used to connect wood, glass, or metal. They only need to be adhesive enough to stick to the plasterboard so the plaster coat can be applied properly and evenly. Their primary role is to prevent the plaster coating from falling off and facilitate proper curing.

Designed for plasterboards and other similar surfaces, scrim tapes works with smooth to slightly rough surfaces. Adhesiveness depends on the extent of the surface the adhesive tape sticks onto. That’s why scrim tapes work better with smooth surfaces than with very rough surfaces. With uneven surfaces such as unfinished or partially finished concrete, the scrim tape only attaches to a limited surface area. This limited surface for bonding results in a weak adhesion.

Be sure to choose high-quality scrim tapes and plastering supplies to achieve the best plastering results. Also, be properly acquainted with the right ways of using scrim tapes.

Additional Information

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer a great range of high quality and affordable scrim tapes. We focus on quality and the ability to get the job done and that is why we have chosen the selected products to stock. With a variety of different sizes, we are certain that we have the size and type of scrim tape to suit your needs at affordable prices.

Everyone’s scrim tape needs will vary depending on the themselves, their project and their preferences so it can be quite tricky to land on the scrim tape that’s right for you. We suggest you sit down and assess your own situation, think of your needs as a person, as an individual practitioner and as a business, then do some research around our products and make an informed decision. If you haven’t got time and you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll be extremely happy to help.

Our Catnic Scrim Tape is self-adhesive with fiberglass mesh. It’s the perfect combination of thin and light and extremely strong and easy to use. It greatly increases joint strength and durability for less cracking. It comes in the size 50mm by 90mm. The Catnic Scrim Tape is high quality and used by construction workers across the United Kingdom and Europe. It can be used for reinforcing joints and making repairs on plasterboard.

Catnic is the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel construction products for the residential sector and are a Welsh company based in Caerphilly. They are a Tata Steel Enterprise and brought steel lintel into the construction industry in the 1960s. Many professionals around the world rely on Catnic products to get the job done and for its technical expertise to make sure that their projects are completed to the highest possible standards. Their stock is distributed throughout Europe and the Middle East through their network of builders, contractors etc. which is constantly expanding. Catnic’s product-range is ever-expanding and we are extremely proud to be able to supply their scrim tape.

The second scrim tape that we provide is Euroscrim. This is premium quality and is quick and easy to apply. It used a quality high-tack adhesive and an open mesh that does not blister or bubble, creating perfect joints every single time and eliminating the need for pre-plastering. It comes in sizes 48mm x 90mm and 100mm x 90mm. it’s manufacturer is the UK’s largest of its kind, manufacturing sealants, adhesives, fillers and building chemicals. It’s perfect for use on drywalls, plastered walls and ceilings.