5 Reasons why the OX Speedskim is Worth It

Posted by Ryan 14/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

As innovative new plastering tools are constantly coming to market these days it can be hard to know whether it’s worth taking the plunge or if you’re best off sticking to traditional methods.

One tool which has really revolutionised the industry is the OX Speedskim. After its release in 2012, the flexible Speedskim has continued to increase in popularity as more and more plasterers are catching on to its benefits.

Here at our Cheltenham-based plastering superstore, our expert team know all to well there’s no one size fits all approach, so we’ve put together the tool’s key benefits to help you decided if the OX Speedskim is for you.

  1. Reduces Fatigue and Strain During Large Scale Jobs

The OX Speedskim was specifically designed by leading hand tool company OX Tools to reduce the repetitive strain injuries many plasterers face with large scale plastering jobs. Sound too good to be true? For many plasterers a tool which stops any strain would be life changing. However, you’ll need to ensure you have the right blade for the job:

There are various blades to choose from, including the OX Speedskim Semi Flex Blade – perfect for flattening, finishing and ruling off.

  1. Plaster Large Areas Quicker

They don’t call it ‘Speedskim’ for nothing. Though you will still need a float to apply your plaster to the wall, when it comes to flattening, you can achieve this much quicker as the OX clever lightweight blade glides across large areas and its ergonomic design offers better accuracy.

  1. An Easier Way to Plaster Ceilings

Thanks to the OX Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment plastering ceilings is no longer awkward. This attachment will take some getting used to (like any new tool) and some plasterers often decide the cut the plastic nib on the clamp to avoid any gauges in your plaster, but it’s important to test and find a way of working that suits you.

  1. Skim Over Unwanted Textured Ceilings and Walls with Ease

Another great use of the OX Speedskim is that it’s excellent for plastering over those unwanted textured ceilings and walls. The combination of blade rigidity and flexibility means the Speedskim  glides across the unwanted substrate leaving incredibly flat results. You can use any of our standard plasterer’s PVAs to do this. 

  1. Choose to Round the Corners or Keep Square

Whether you should round the corners or keep the original OX Speedskim design is a big debate among plasterers. Rounding the corners has helped many people avoid any drag marks on the wall, however you need to test the tool as you may not find this an issue. If you do wish to tweak the design, OX Tools recommend no more than the diameter of a ‘five pence’ piece.


Our expert team of former plasterers have tested this tool and believe it does live up to its claims. The growing popularity of the flexible, revolutionary OX Speedskim also speaks volumes.

If you’re still unsure or want to see and feel the weight of the tool, pop into our Cheltenham-based showroom and we’ll be happy to help.

We offer a variety of OX Speedskim Packages and next day delivery on all orders after 2pm.