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Plastering is a serious task that requires meticulousness in effort and quality when it comes to the equipment and supplies used. This is something Mtec recognises, that’s why it offers nothing but the highest quality plastering machines, parts, and spares. Mtec is not exactly a plastering solutions specialist. It has a broader business scope, but the plastering machines and equipment it offers are undoubtedly notable.

Mtec overview

If you go to the Mtec profile page on the Plasterers 1 Stop Shop website, you will find the range of Mtec products being offered along with some information about the company. There’s more to learn about the company, though. This long-running business has been providing high-quality and innovative solutions for many years. The company is committed to improving, economising, and accelerating building processes.

Mtec is a medium-sized German company with a subsidiary operation in the Czech Republic. It also maintains sales offices, product and service representatives, as well as salespersons in different parts of the world. The company offers essential products designed and manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality and dependability.

What Mtec offers

Mtec has been serving customers in nearly a hundred countries around the world, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, pre-mixed construction materials processing, and logistics. The company boasts of innovations that enabled it to become a relevant player in the global pre-mixed construction materials market.

Mtec confidently claims that its years in the business earned it a deep understanding of the various aspects of industrial pre-mixes. As such, it can provide customers with a distinctive range of professional machines and equipment as well as expert advice. It also offers plant engineering solutions and construction site equipment.

The company’s range of plant engineering offerings includes dry mortar plants, control systems, components, and services. When it comes to construction site equipment, Mtec offers machines, silos, silo placing units, and related services. This German company also guarantees total customer satisfaction with its pre-purchase services, technical advice, after-sales service, repair, and retrofitting solutions.

Moreover, Mtec’s innovative technologies are also applicable to various dry bulk materials and fine grains. It has equipment and machines used for the thorough and efficient mass processing. These technologies are backed by over a hundred patents as well as utility models. These are homegrown solutions not offered by other similar companies.

Mtec Plastering Solutions

One of the most important business lines of Mtec is its range of plastering equipment, parts, and spares. The company sells an extensive variety of Mtec plastering machines as well as replacement Mtec parts. The following are some of the best Mtec products available on Plasterers 1 Stop Shop.

Mtec Duo-Mix 2000 - Sporting a dual mixing system, this machine can be used for various materials including bricklaying mortar, cement plasters, floor screed, cement plasters, insulating plaster, reinforcing and adhesive mortars, lime cement plaster, reinforcing and adhesive mortars, and self-levelling products.

Mtec M100 - One of the company’s latest product releases, the Mtec M100 was particularly developed for the English market. It is an excellent tool for spraying MP finish from Knauf and spray finish from BG. This machine can also spray different types of renders, base coats, and top coats.

Mtec P20 - This is a compact pump system intended for the processing of soft materials considered pumpable. It is designed to work with materials with a granularity of 4mm such as decorative and synthetic resins, mortars used for reinforcements, as well as fillers and silicate renders.

Mtec M330 - This is an update to the M300 notable for its single chamber mixing system that employs the wet sump principle. This setup enables the high-quality mixing of plaster materials with uniform consistency. It gets rid of the problem of thick-thin fluctuations.

Mtec P50 - A heft mortar pump system, the Mtec P50 is capable of conveying all pumpable materials with up to 8mm of grain size. This powerful machine is ideal for processing plasters, concrete, and mortars. It can also be used with floor screeds and self-levelling compounds. This machine comes in a number of variants to suit different needs. One of these variants has a maximum output rate of 110 litres per minute.

Again, Mtec does not focus on plastering equipment and technologies. However, it bears emphasising how this German company stands out with the range of powerful and dependable plastering mixers it offers.