What does Parex Supply?

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One of Plasterers 1 Stop Shop’s commitments to its customers is to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we only carry the best brands the market has to offer. We want to ensure that professional and novice plasterers alike have a variety of choices that range from plastering, rendering supplies, tools, equipment, workwear and other accessories.

When it comes to rendering supplies, we are a proud partner of Parex Ltd. They are a leading manufacturer of specialist mortar, plaster, and other materials used in construction, civil engineering and refurbishment.

Our inventory includes a range of products from Parex that are required in most plastering jobs. Our products include basecoat, parex render, parex supplies, rendering materials, parex paraguard, monorex gm, and monorex gf.

Monorex GM

A preferred product for use in vertical masonry such as walls, this type of render produces a finish that is both weather resistant and breathable. The resulting finish is ready for decoration. Monorex GM comes in 48 standard colours. It can either be applied by hand or with the use of a machine. The Plasterer can use different styles for finishing render such as light tyrolean, heavy roughcast, or medium scraped.

When applying this type of plaster, the substrate should not be made with weak mortar, or Gypsum coated constructions. If using in painted substrate, PARINTER should be applied first. It is also recommended that this product is not used in horizontal application which may affect water run-off.

Monorex GF

This mortar is specifically suitable for fine scraped finish. It is also available in 48 standard colours where non-standard colours can be ordered subject to approval and minimum order quantity. It is suitable for application over substrates such as: brick, concrete blocks, shattered concrete, terracotta blocks, and expanded clay insulation blocks. Monorex GF is also not suitable when applied on top of weak substrate or horizontal surface.

Parex paraguard

Staining and algae pollution are common problems encountered with regular scratch renders. Parex paraguard is meant to solve this problem through its water based, weatherproof coating that creates a lotus leaf effect. It is suitable for different types of masonry, render, and timber substrates. Another advantage to using this product is that it is environmently friendly and non-toxic.


This is a weather-resistant grey render used for exterior and interior walls. Parmurex can be used as grey coat finishing render, or basecoat for the application of Parex decorative finish such as: 311 coating, DPR textured finishes, and 630 CERASTONE. It is suitable for most types of masonry except: lightweight aggregate, aircrete concrete, or terracotta blockwork. It can be rendered with fine textured or spray textured finish.


This type of render produces a bright white, one-coat, weather resistant, and breathable surface. It is also commonly used in vertical masonry and concrete walls. Like other Parex renders, it should not be applied over weak mortar or Gypsum coated constructions. It should also not be applied in horizontal flat surfaces that will affect water run-off and moisture retention.

Monogris E

This product is a high-performing polymer modified grey basecoat and finishing render used in vertical masonry and walls. It is also used for equalising suction on mixed substrates and can also serve as bonding base coat for high or low suction substrates.

Parinter renovation

This product, along with other parex render and parex supplies will be available in our Cheltenham depot. It is used for restoring and bonding mortar for renovating old hydraulic cement or lime based render. It is also suitable for fixing cracked masonry or painted masonry. You only need clean water to mix this product on site.

Rendering materials

Aside from the variety of Parex products we carry, we also have rendering materials that are used in different applications.

•    TV10 Reinforcing Mesh- A fibre glass mesh fabric combined with specially designed surface treatments which is also suitable for application in a wide range of Parex cement and render applications.
•    Micro Gobetis 3000- This is used to improve the adhesion of one-coat render systems such as Monorex GM and GF.
•    752 Lankolatex- This mixture is used for coat preparations, bonding and waterproofing.

These products from Parex, along with other products that we carry are among the most sought-after supplies for plaster application and rendering.