A Comparison of Air Compressor and Generators for Construction

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A Comparison of Air Compressor and Generators for Construction

These days, construction jobs have been largely improved by the innovation of machines and automated tools. Today, almost any kind of infrastructure is conceivable thanks to technology. There is no longer a limitation to the size, scope, height, and length of structures because of construction and engineering advancements.

Even small scale constructions rely on the use of machines for efficiency. For example, when adding plaster to walls and other surfaces, plastering machines have replaced manual application. There are many other tools used in construction such as an air compressor. It can be used to power a range of construction tools such as jackhammer, grinders, and sanders. The high pressure air produced by compressors can be used for pneumatic tools, to fill tires and gas cylinders, as well as power HVAC systems.

If you’re looking for a portable air compressor to be used for construction and other applications, here is what Plasterers 1 Stop Shop has to offer.

The EZE Air Compressor DT

This air compressor is compatible with a range of machines used for spraying plaster, and rendering materials. It operates with 110v thus applicable anywhere in the UK. It is also:

•    Oil free
•    Maintenance free
•    High service life
•    Ready for connection


Output at Pe: 0 Bar 220 L/min
Max pressure Ps permitted: 2 Bar 130 L/min
Low noise level: 71 dB (A)


Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Motor Power P1: 1300 W
Protection Class: IP 54
Current consumption: 15.0 (A)
Motor rpm: 2800 min -1
Duration of operation: 100% continuous running at an ambient temperature of 40 degrees C
Dimensions L x W x H: 420 x 382 x 241 mm
Weight: 26.5 Kg
Warranty: 1 year from date of invoice

Includes: control and safety devices, safety valve, hours run meter, suction filters, anti-vibration dampers, mounting feet, power cable with 110v plug, on/off switch, carry handles of mounting tray.

Aside from an electric air compressor, constructions also benefit from the use of a mobile petrol generator. It is primarily used to power tools when there is no electricity available. This makes for a more convenient way to complete a construction project with the help of automated machines. Here is a comparison of the small petrol generator offered by Plasterers 1 Stop Shop:

EZE 20KvA Genset

It’s the latest generator developed within the EZE range. It’s compatible with 3 phase machines such as: PFT G4, PFT G5, M-tec M200, and M-tec M330.


Kohler engine: 30 HP-petrol engine
Output: 20KvA; 415v 32 Amp socket; 240v 16 Amp socket
Weight: 190 Kg
Length: 970 cm
Width: 750 cm
Height: 780 cm
EZE Genset 15kva petrol

Also compatible with various 3 phase machines. Upon sale of the product, it comes with standard 2 year warranty on the engine and 1 year warranty on the alternator.


Kohler engine: 23.5 HP-petrol engine
Output: 15KvA; 415v 32Amp Socket; 240v 16AmP Socket
Weight: 145 Kg
Length: 970 cm
Width: 750 cm
Height: 780 cm
EZE 110v Genset

Compatible with 110v plastering machines such as: EZE 24, M-tec M100, and PFT Ritmo.


Kohler engine: 9 HP Petrol engine
Output: 110v 16Amp Socket
Weight: 65 Kg
Length: 73 cm
Width: 62 cm
Height: 59 cm

These portable machines are valuable additions for any contractor who wants to ensure efficiency in construction. Here are some additional tips when buying air compressors or portable generators as well as accessories like an air compressor pump:

•    Air compressors are commonly categorised by the compressed air capacity of the air compressor, tank measured in gallons. All air compressors are meant to function and finish the same kind of task. There are several kinds you can choose from depending on shape, size, or whether it’s considered an electric air compressor or an industrial air compressor. Think about the practicality of the compressor and how frequently it is going to be used. The more portable types of generators and air compressors are ideal because they can be easily carried by a couple of people.
•    Speak to a specialist from the supplier like Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. They are likely to give you advice and recommendations depending on what you need.
•    While there is a standard manual that comes with the purchase, you should also speak to the supplier to see if there is training that they can provide regarding the use of the machine.
Always look for a reputable supplier especially when buying online. It can also help if you’re able to test a product before making a purchase.