The Advantages of Using Parex

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The Advantages of Using Parex

Parex offers a complete line of plastering and rendering products. Part of the worldwide construction manufacturer, the Parex Group, Parex Limited is a known leader in the UK for manufacturing plasters, renders, general construction materials, anchors, hard landscaping, highways, and EWI that can even be used to build and repair nuclear power plants. They produce many types of products such as mortars, repair products, resin anchors, adhesives, and coatings that comply with European and British standards. These products are manufactured with high quality and are always in-demand within the UK.

Plasterers 1 stop shop offers the following Parex products, and this includes:

  1. Maite Monocomposant. This is a ready-to-mix powdered mortar that is intended to be partnered with other products of Parex: PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT Acrylic render systems, along with the 355 AVU Mesh, and the PAREXTHERM Mineral render system. Maite has 50% more polymer content than other brands with the same product.
  2. Parex Parmurex. This is a one-coat weather resistant grey render that can be used for external and internal walls. It only comes in one colour. Suitable for concrete, bricks, terracotta, and stone.
  3. Monorex GF. is another one-coat weather resistant render, but unlike the Parmurex, the Monorex comes in 48 standard colors.
  4. Monorex GM. This is yet another one-coat weather resistant render very similar to Monorex GF. It is also available with 48 standard colours. 5.
  5. Monoblanco. This is yet another one-coat weather resistant render. Similar to Parmurex it only comes in one colour, white.
  6. Monogris E. The Monogris E is a finishing coat that’s made of weather resistant polymer and was designed for masonry substrates and can be used as a base coat or a finishing render.
  7. Parinter Renovation. This is a ready-to-mix restoration mortar that’s used to bond lime-based renders and old hydraulic cement. Works best on porous materials and with other Parex coatings, finishers, and renders.
  8. 355 AVU Reinforce mesh. This is a mesh specifically designed to work with the Maite Monocomposant and is part of Parex’s Paradirect and ParaTherm renders.
  9. EHI G00. The Parex EHI is part of Parex’s ParexTherm external wall insulation system, and is through-coloured render material. It is available in 48 standard colours.
  10. Axel 3000. This is a mixture mixed into the render along with water. This reduces the waiting time before scraping the renders. Be sure to reduce the amount of the water equal to the amount of Axel 3000 you mixed in so the render mixture is to its usual consistency.
  11. Parex Paraguard. Parex’s answer to scratch render being stained by pollution. It is a water-based coating that gives a weather proof, water resistant surface to any surface. It gives any surface a lotus leaf effect that keeps away water and dusts. It is environment friendly, and can be applied via brushing or a spray gun to give the wall a coating that is clear, doesn’t stain, and is easy to clean.


Parex products are fit to use for any project and can be used for roads, bridges, buildings and even rail infrastructure. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop delivers any item by the next day as long as it’s ordered before 3PM.

Other information about the Parex products can be obtained by downloading the PDF file in Plasterers 1 Stop Shop website or call Plasterers 1 Stop Shop using the number on their website. You can also email or leave your number via their website. You may also visit Parex’s website here.