Vimark Renders

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Vimark Renders

We don’t take getting new manufacturers on board lightly. In fact, there’s quite an intense process behind ensuring we’ve picked the right brand to represent. This is because our customers trust us to introduce them to the brands that we know they need.

We would only represent a brand who’s products we would be happy to use ourselves, so you can be assured that all products sold by Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are, in our opinion, the best.

Vimark have been in the game for over 35 years. Their thorough contact with those who use their products is perhaps to blame for the continuing success of the business. In this time they’ve designed and created over 150 products for old and new constructions.

One thing we love about Vimark is their commitment to scientific research – they love creating new/developing products based on evidence-based research that change the way we work. This assures high quality.

A few of the Vimark products we stock are Monochrome Grey Basecoat which is ready for use, resistant to weather and intended for indoor and outdoor use; Monogrip which is a primer to improve the surface of plaster, repair mortars and more; and Rasolite which is a fibre-enforced mineral coating and great for uniting multiple surfaces.

If you have any question regarding our Vimark range, make sure you get in touch.