Margin Trowels

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With their rectangular shape and v-shaped back, margin trowels are perfect for mixing, scooping and spreading materials like thin-sets in tight quarters.

Many of these specialist top brand plastering tools feature hardened and tempered steel blades making them durable, able to handle to toughest conditions and stand the test of time.

The clever grip handles also make each margin trowel we stock incredibly ergonomic, reducing the risk of repetitive strain and making large-scale plastering projects easier and more enjoyable.


Ragni Margin Trowels

As specialists in plastering with years of experience in the trade, our handpicked Ragni margin trowels are available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Made from quality Japanese stainless steel, these Ragni trowels live up to the brand’s high standards when it comes to top performance plastering tools.

As one of the leading trowel brands in the UK, professionals nationwide are known to stick with Ragni for their reliability and quality.


Nela Margin Trowels

Nela are relatively new to the trade launching in 2014, however they quickly became one of the most trusted names in the industry for their high-quality plastering trowels made in Germany using the latest design and manufacturing technology.

The Nela Margin Trowel is a steel fully forged plastering tool fitted with a BiKo GRIP cork handle for maximum comfort, strength and durability.


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