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Trowels have been a common gardening and construction tool since time immemorial and have served different purposes depending on their area of use. In plastering, trowels are used to smoothen plastering materials that are applied onto surfaces such as walls or when creating a structure’s floor, for example, to make it even. Knowing what trowels you need and which trowel works best for you can help you choose which trowel will be best for the job.

How many different types of trowel are there?

There are many different kinds of trowels, but in plastering, there are around 8 types: plastering trowels, joint trowels, notched trowels, corner trowels, margin trowels, brick and pointing trowels, bucket trowels and texture trowels. Of course, each trowel serves different purposes like, for example, notched trowels are used to apply adhesive on adjacent tiles, brick and pointing trowels are for applying plasters and cements, and plastering corner trowels are for smoothing cement or plaster in corners.

How do I know which trowel is right for me?

It depends on what you need. In general you’d want something that’s light, even and strong for plastering purposes. You’d also benefit more using trowels which are made with steel or other metals and alloys that takes longer to rust. Flat pieces of metal bend easily so you’d like a trowel that doesn’t.

Which is the best brand of trowel to choose?

Depends on the reputation of the manufacturers. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop sells multiple types of trowels manufactured by NELA, SuperPROF and PUTZ. It is best to check also with your local hardware store or online hardware retailers for their choice of manufacturers.

What are the best trowels for plastering and rendering?

The basic ones used for plastering and rendering are plastering trowels, like the NELA Supreme Venetian trowels to hold your plaster, and your brick trowels, like the NELA Wide London trowel, to apply the plaster. After that, you need a float trowel (though you may just use the plastering NELA trowels you already have) when smoothing out applied cement on floors or walls. If you have a specific situation in mind, consult a professional on or offline.

After identifying what trowel you need, you should inquire about the trowel’s special properties such as stainless steel trowels that are forever rust-free. You may also inquire about promos set by either the suppliers or the manufacturers for their line of plastering trowels which can help you save money. You should also be sure to note what size trowel you need, as they usually come in several different sizes.

Additional Information

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we are extremely proud to offer such a wide variety of trowels fit for purpose for all those working in the construction trade. We do our best to provide the highest quality products to our loyal customers who travel from across the UK and Europe to fill their toolboxes.

We are sure that when browsing for the right trowel for you, you will have some pre-conceived ideas about some of them and whether they’d be suitable for your needs. We urge you to take your time, grab a cuppa and enjoy making the decision that will make your working life easier. Alternatively, if you’re struggling finding the right trowel for you, give us a call and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Plastering trowels are one of the many different types of trowels that we supply. These consist various NELA trowels such as the Venetian Supreme, II Gold Edition, Premium Trowel, Premium MediFLEX, Carbon Steel Premium Trowel and Pool Trowel, to name a few.

We offer the fantastic PUTZ joint trowels and a top of the range, swiss type notch trowel.

Our corner trowels collection is fantastic, we supply the SuperPROF ECO 90 Degree Plastering Spatula, SuperPROF ECO Inside Corner Trowel, external corner trowel and internal corner trowel (of various sizes).

We are proud to offer both NELA and PUTZ margin trowels along with 4 various types of NELA brick and pointing trowels consisting of Wide, Narrow, Philadelphia and Pointing.

We supply five different types of bucket trowels including the NELA bucket trowel, SuperPROF bucket trowels for both right and left hand and the PUTZ bucket trowel. We also offer four different types of texture trowel, four of those being NELA.