Plastering Tools

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we believe that quality is key. This is why we only stock the highest quality products that the trade needs to see. We are so pleased to offer such a fantastic and exciting range of some of the world’s leading manufacturers including NeLa GmbH, PUTZ tools, Speedskim, Marshalltown, Wiss and so many more. Some of the products situated on this page are amongst the latest and most well-known tools in the Plastering industry. All tools (if in stock) are available for next day delivery.

We stock so many different plastering materials like trowels, straight edges, plastering brushes, joint knives, plastering spatulas, floats, multitools, small tools, hawks, hand boards, floor screeding tools, box levels, scratch tools and much, much more.

We offer an exciting variety of trowels in various categories, each of which have their own intended unique selling points. For example, our plastering trowels hold the NELA Premium MediFLEX which is aluminium, ultra-light weight and made from a robust, special alloy for ultra-stability and easy handling and the NELA Pool Trowel which is hardened stainless steel for flexibility and sturdiness to provide you with a slip-resistant grip. These are just to name a few.

Our joint trowels hold the PUTZ joint trowel which is fit for purpose and a high caliber of joint trowel. Our Swiss Type Notch Trowel is a premium grade, German-made trowel. It’s ideal for spreading bigger areas of materials.

We stock a variety of corner trowels from the SuperPROF ECO 90 Degree Plastering Spatula – which is stainless steel, with a blade size of 100mm and is fitted with a comfortable, SoftGRIP handle. Our SuperPROF ECO Inside Corner Trowel is fantastic value for money, is made of stainless steel and has a soft grip handle. Using a corner trowel has its own benefits. It has a smooth inside making a great to create a flatter surface and if used properly, its features can help you finish the job in a more timely manner.

Our margin trowels are also available and our NELA margin Trowel is a steel, fully forged trowel that is fitted with the BiKo GRIP Cork Handle which ensures maximal comfort, strength, ease of use and durability. It’s made in Germany at the NELA factory and it’s incredible quality at a great price.

These tools mentioned are just a few of the products we stock, please see the above pages to navigate through the pages for further details on the tool which you require. All of our plastering tools are designed at the highest possible quality and the overall aim is to make our clients’ working days easier and do this at an affordable cost. Please get in touch with any queries.