Plastering Machine Spares

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, along with top of the range machinery and tools, we supply the spares to go with them. Supplying such a large range of plastering tools and equipment like we do, comes with a responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality tools and equipment possible.

We are proud to present what we believe are the best quality plastering machine spares on the market. We provide a full range of electrical spares ranging from 3 phase top motors, 3 phase water pumps and phase reversal switch, to star wheel motors, duo mix top motors and air compressors.

We stock an impressive range of filters as spares for our machines. These range from the water filter, M300, K4, G4 to the filter cap G4, G5 and M300. These need to be cleaned and changed where appropriate to ensure the highest quality running of the machine.

On browsing through our catalogue of products, you’ll see our flow tubes, seals and waterworks. These consist of spares such as pressure regulators, M-Tec flow tubes, water barrels, Geka caps and many more.

Our hose spares collection is extensive as we offer 18 different types of equipment. We offer 9 different hose types/sizes along with mortar pressure gauges, test pies, coupling and scaffolding straps.

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, our customer’s safety is priority, which is why we supply industry-leading safety equipment including ramps and ratchet straps.

We supply over 10 products for mixing shafts including conveying arms, mixing spirals, dosing screws and cleaning tools.

We supply 19 different accessories for mixing guns, including spray, texture and long lance plastering guns, spray nozzles and spray gun air lines.

We have various other categories in plastering machine spares such as rotors and stators, service kits and even some tools in miscellaneous.

Our wide and impressive collection of plastering machine spares is industry leading and won’t be beaten in quality and price.