Plastering & Rendering Supplies

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we pride ourselves on our large range of products to suit all those in the construction industry. This is no exception when it comes to plastering and rendering supplies. We supply our products to our loyal customers throughout the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe.  We strongly believe that the reason for the level of loyalty from our returning customers, is the level of quality of the products which we supply in addition to the affordability of them.

We stock a full range of rendering and plastering supplies and tools that consist of but are not limited to beads, floor protection, reinforcing mesh, accessories and base rails, tapes, adhesives and additives and tarpaulins and dustsheets.

Our beads supply is second to none and includes plastering beads such as our CATNIC thin coat stop bead and our CATNIC thin coat angle bead, which comes in 2 sizes. Both of these types of plastering beads are galvonised and provide strong, smooth and clean finishes.

We supply a large variety of rendering beads which are available in a variety of different colours. We provide bellcast beads, corner beads, movement beads, render PVC stop beads and specialist meshed profile beads.

As well as tools and materials for the actual job, we think about the practicality of your working day and this is why we store various floor protection to help you finish with a clean surface and a happy client. We are proud to supply Taktec carpet protection film which comes in the size 50m x 600mm. This product has a waterproof technology, leaving no residue when protecting your carpets. It’s thick and extremely high quality, ideal for stairs. We also supply Antinox floor protection which is great quality and leaves a clean finish on your projects’ floors.

We have various types and sizes of reinforcing mesh to suit your specific needs, which are all strong, durable and designed for concrete immersion and bar gripping. They can be used for strengthening concrete slabs and reduce cracking.

We stock lots of different accessories including adjustable base rails with fixed bell heads and mesh nosing, SBHT, end caps for retaining insulation to cement particle boards, timber and SFS and spiral anchor fixings for fastening of attachments.

We have a wide tape selection which includes scrim tape, protection and duct tape and drop film masking tape. All of our tapes are excellent quality and are intended for their own specific uses. Our tapes will save you money, time and time again, with the prevention of damaged windows and unneeded cleaning. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

We also stock various adhesives and additives, from PVA to plaster accelerator; we have the materials that you need. We stock different types of tarpaulins and dust sheets to help you keep a clean work space and prevent unnecessary damages to flooring/furniture.