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What makes Nela the professional’s choice?

As a plasterer’s premier source for plastering tools, materials, and machinery, we make it a point to provide our customers with the best available brands on the market today. Nela is one brand which has proven its merit and effectiveness with all its various tools and equipment which make plastering a much easier endeavour and facilitates enhanced performance.

Professional plasterers know which brands are the best to suit their needs, and Nela is the professional’s choice due to its attention to the highest quality and detail in all the tools it produces. Nela products are not only durable and long-lasting, but they are tough and hard-wearing, consistent, precise, and affordable as well. When it comes to aluminium hand boards or hawks, bucket trowels, pool trowels, finishing spatulas, and a lot more, Nela is a premier choice for the most selective professionals.

What made Plasters 1 Stop Shop decide to supply Nela products?

The reason Plasterers 1 Stop Shop decided to supply Nela trowels and Nela Products was purely down to the quality and finish of each product. When we first saw and held one of the Nela Trowels we knew it would be a complete market changer.

Which is the most popular Nela plastering trowel?

The answer to this question is not easy, as most of the Nela plastering trowels we provide are constantly in high demand. There is no one most popular trowel produced by Nela, as each plastering trowel it produces has a distinct and special use according to your specifications and requirements.

We can say, however, that one of the more popular plastering trowels produced by Nela include the Nela PlasticFLEX, which has been specially-designed purpose as a finishing trowel particularly for internal plastering work. It is made up of a 1-millimetre finishing blade, which is adhered to the same shaft, Biko cork handle, and bracket used for another premium Nela product, the Nela SuperFLEX.

The Nela Premium MediFLEX plastering trowel is another popular product which is known for being very lightweight, with a mounting made from aluminium and a specially-made alloy which allows for advanced stability. The blades of the product are burred, and the blades’ material is only the highest-quality stainless steel.