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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we take a lot of pride in being able to stock such fantastic brands from our hard-working suppliers. Our aim is to make these amazing quality products as accessible and affordable to the construction industry as we possibly can, making your day to day lives easier.

We are really pleased to be able to stock K-Rend at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop for various reasons. K-Rend has been established in the UK since the 1930s and they focus on targeting specific industries. K-Rend is marketing leading in the construction industry, being the largest independent silicone render manufacturer in the United Kingdom. They offer the highest quality renders and finishes for which are ‘weatherproof’ giving a natural finish, some of which, we are proud to offer to our clients at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. Perhaps K-Rend are so successful because they are the only manufacturer in the UK to turn to silicone technology and create a water-resistant surface.

K-Rend also work in the agriculture industry, with Kilwaughter Lime being a mineral and quarry processor since the 30s! Their head-quarters are based in Northern Ireland on a 75 acre site where they produce limestone. They work in the landscaping industry also, stocking dry dash, coloured render and more.

They also do a lot of work within research and development, recognising the need for continuous research in making the world a better place due to its changing needs and expectations.

We choose to supply K-Rend specifically because of the quality of their products but also because of their values. They work at extremely high standards towards their ‘promise’ of innovation – developing and testing new products to meet changing needs of clients and environments. Performance is another promise, being able to provide the best performing products to meet demanding requirements, along with service, where their team of experts provide advice, and outstanding customer services to meet their clients’ needs.

We stock K-Rend’s silicone spray E-Grade which is water-repellent and cement based. It’s a self-coloured render which is polymer modified and all it needs is water and 10 minutes of your time to mix it. You should follow the manufacturer’s guidance in applying the product and this should provide a good-looking, low maintenance end finish. This spray is designed for use with a spray machine which is powered electronically. These work wonderfully with larger projects where you can save time due to the machine speed. Coverage my alter if it’s hand applied.

We also offer K-Rend K1 Render Spray which is a cement based, polymer modified, self-coloured render which has excellent handling properties and is designed for use and is suitable for most spray machines.