Insulation Systems

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

As one of Europe’s most well-known suppliers of plastering equipment, we know that you need the very best. We also know that you need it at the best possible price. This is why we pride ourselves in providing you with the absolute best. In all cases.

This is no exception with our Insulation Systems category. We’re proud to provide you with 3 of the highest quality brands that we know of.

We stock a large variety of Aero-Therm products such as Plaster, Basecoat, Ansilver and Asanex. Aero-Therm has an amazing track record of efficiency by showing that their products lower energy bills, heat properties 27% faster, lengthens cool down times, allows home owners to lower thermostat settings and generally balances the temperature.

We’re excited to stock Bauwer Standard Insulated Plaster and Light Insulated Render. Bauwer’s products come in 48 different colours. Known for working its best on traditional properties, Bauwer ensures high performance on the oldest, solid brick and stone walls. Walls are proved warmer to touch after using Bauwer and this means 0 condensation, lower heating costs and also being sustainable, economically.

We stock Mapei basecoats, external façade paints, general products and insulation, primers, thin coat renders and wall paint. Impressively, Mapei was founded in 1937 and they take a great amount of care for the environment with sustainable products. The fact that Mapei is available world-wide, is a testament to itself.