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There are multiple reasons why it’s a lengthy process to decide which manufacturers to supply here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. The main reason it takes so long, is because we need to be absolutely sure that we’re providing our customers with the best possible options for them. We would never supply our customers with products, tools, equipment, materials or machines that we wouldn’t use ourselves. And this is why we believe that our customers are always a) returning, b) loyal and c) happy.

You’ll see throughout our site that we are lucky to stock some of the most reputable brands known to the industry, and not only that, but for some of them, be their main suppliers in the United Kingdom.

We’re really excited to be able to bring Marshalltown to our customers. A company that began in the late 1800s as a small machine shop, has soon blossomed into a huge manufacturing business, introducing some of the first big changes in the industry.

The brand has global recognition and has expanded dramatically since it’s initial growth in the early 1990s, maintaining its Standard of Quality status for well-over a hundred years.

From trowels to asphalts, to brick and drywall, they have a huge variety of products. Marshalltown was the first company to introduce soft-grip handles to tools, completely changing the way hand tools are perceived forever.

Marshalltown are focused on the future and carrying on providing fantastic products to the customers over the next 125 years, as they have done for the previous 125.