Priomix Pragma CLP
Preparation of mortar easily (from2 to 12 bags at the same time).
Mixer capacity up to 12 bags per batch (depending on product density): saving time compared to a conventional machine that can mix a max from 6 to 8 bags, the operator spends less time at the machine. Water metering with automatic stop on the mixer, water ramp INOX with jets directed on the mixing shaft.

Bar grating on the mixer or protective cover against dust emissions with optimized product descent through the shaker grate.

Optional: suction and dust collection system (patent pending).

The opening direction of the mixer grid will delete the entire proceeds of the last blighted, thus limiting losses of material.

Forward and reverse on the mixer.
Variable speed
Ability to mix the engine idling
Hydrowash system for an almost automatic tank cleaning

Large hopper steep reception: capacity of 16 bags, the steep slope allows complete emptying without adhesion of the product on the walls.

The hopper bottom is stainless steel, high aluminium part is coated with a high quality paint promoting the flow of the product.

The hopper safety grid is optimized to cause minimum discomfort to the user and allows the agitation of the product without stop pumping.

The screw shaft at the hopper bottom improves the feeding of the pump and has two coupling flectors adjustable pump speed from 0 to 300 rev / min, pump pressure up to 30 bar. Pump casing 60.12 with a theoretical speed of up to 250 litres per minute. pumping facility of traditional mortars, a vibrating screen is optional.

Catering available in the mixer truck through the vibrating screen for the application of fluid screeds, mortars and micro concretes.

A pressure washer powerful series!
V170 bar, 11 liters / min variable flow and pressure from the dashboard to adjust the strength of the jet to the area to be cleaned avoiding splashing and rain gear!

Not only quick cleaning of the machine after work, but also to clean the facades. Flexible 10ml comes with the machine as well as launching two jets (rotating nozzle and additional piping optional).

Positioning in the machine ensures the automatic emptying of the water circuit to avoid freezing in winter conditions.

A simple machine without electronics!
No board electrical controller in the machine! The safety devices are managed through relays and fuses!

Hydraulic speed drive
Operation diagnosis dash by an LED
Pressure gauge of pumping and mixing pressures
Scoreboard protected by a lockable cap
Use the 4 functions can simultaneously!
Pumping, HP cleaning, mixing and pumping can be used at any time!&edsp;

The only one machine with an air compressor without belt!
For reliability, the compressor is driven by hydraulics.

More belt slipping or breakage during projection! The pneumatic circuit is equipped with a venting air valve that can significantly extend the life of the compressor by resting during the downtime of the projection.

It is cooled by a broken pulley.

Full accessibility to mechanical parts!
New engine casing, complete access to filter elements to promote the maintenance and reduce response times.

Fuel tank capacity 30 litres directly accessible from the opening of the cover and the battery.

The polyester cover can be removed in minutes for total access to the engine compartment.

KUBOTA D 1505 liquid-cooled 4-cylinder. 26 Kw
The idling of the diesel engine is automatic stopping the projection for a more economical operation.

Galvanized road chassis
Galvanized tubular chassis approved UTAC, 1100 Kgs road axle, drawbar T and large wheels (165/80/13) give the machine exceptional driving qualities, Approved to 130 km / h.

Axle braked series given the weight of 900kg.
Fires are protected by the body, very resistant coiled cord allows their connection to the tractor.
The jack castor wheel allows easy attachment to one man.
The crutches in the back and in the front stabilize the machine during operation.

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Type of product Machines for coacting, screed pumps
Brand Priomix
Manufacturer Transmanut
Engine D1505 4-cylinder, liquid cooling, 24 kW to 2500t/mn
Driving Variable flow hydraulics
Performance/debit Rotor stator flow 60.12, 0 to 250 liters/mn*
Max pressure puming 25 bars
Backflow Height 40 meters*, length 100 meters*
Granulometry max 10 mm
Radio control multi-fontion Non
Compressor 400 l/mn, hydraulic drive without belt
Pressure washer 170 bars, 11 liters/mn
Mixer capacity 260 liters, 12 bags
Hooper capacity 280 liters
Hydraulic tank capacity 35 liters
Fuel tank capacity 30 liters
Weight 900 kg
Dimensions L:300 I:1400 H: 1200
Filling height 0 m 95
Road equipments Unbraked axle, jockey wheel, approval road 130 km / h, lights integrated into the rear panel, crutches front / rear
Standard equipment Pressure gauge, grease + cartridge, bars mixer grid, water supply, water dispenser with additional tap, water metering with automatic stop
Optional equipments Electric vibrating screen 12 volts CLP, anti vibrating dust hood, theft of drawbar, aspiration and dust collection
Information with asterisk* *Depends on the pumpability of the product, adjustment and wear of the pump housing; for reference, the distances pumping are not cumulative


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Priomix Pragma CLP

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  • MixingPreparation of mortar easily (from2 to 12 bags at the same time).Mixer capacity up to 12 bags per batch (depending on product density): saving time compared to a conventional machine that can mix a max from 6 to 8 bags, the operator spends less...
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