Universal Machines

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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we are excited to be offering industry leading machines that are available for use by construction workers across the world. We are privileged to have customers fly from far and wide to purchase our machines and we believe that this is due to their incredible quality and value for money. We have six universal machines available and each of these machines have their own unique selling points.

Our Priomix Pragma CLP is world-class. It effortlessly prepares from 2-12 bags of mortar at a time, saving you time and therefore, money. The mixer grid opening direction limits the loss of material and it has variable speed and a wash system for an easily cleaned tank. It can pump up to 16 bags, with a strong flow and empties without leaving residue. The dashboard allows adjustable pressure strength of its jet. Prioritising your safety, there are no electronics in the machine, simply relays and fuses. The machine is driven by hydraulics, making it the only machine with an air compressor without a belt.

Our M-Tec M330 has been said to revolutionise machines of its kind. Abandoning the days of single stage mixers, the M330 is focused entirely on its intended task of pumping, thanks to its single chamber. This also ensures a high-quality mix of materials. With training provided at our Cheltenham base, the M330 is easy to use, with simple controls and the ability to dismantle into sub-assemblies to allow for ease of use and transfer. The machine is also easy to clean thanks to its PU components, meaning less residue.

We offer multiple other universal machines such as the EZE 24 and the EZE K4. All of these machines are unique to the themselves and are industry leaders in their field of practice. We are proud to be able to offer them to you, to assist you in your working day.