Thin Coat Machines

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We, at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are excited to offer such a wide variety of different machines to the construction industry. As we offer such a large range, if you’re stuck for choice, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our expert technicians or customer service team who can help you decide which machine is the best for you.

We offer three thin coat machines. The M-Tec M200 – Pro set is one of the latest available in the UK market. Our very own Andrew Hill worked alongside the best of M-Tec’s engineers to design this piece of machinery and used their expert experiences to focus on priorities and making the product as productive as possible. We also included insights from our customers so that that the machine was based around the needs of those who were going to use it. This was extremely important to us. The main objectives were that the design was practical, effective and economical.

The M-Tec M100 was designed specifically for the UK market and is ideal for spraying MP Finish and Spray Finish. It does spray renders, base coats and top coats for EWI Systems. It’s simple to use, with clear controls and can be dismantled for easy transferal. It’s consistent in its layering and its ratio of dry material to water. It’s easy to clean and leaves significantly less residue. The mixing system is patented and enables a high-quality mix. It can output around 14l per minute and can convey up to 15m in distance and 5m in height.

We also stock the EZE24 which can be used with scratch renders, plaster, base-coats and thin coat renders. It’s rotor and stator allows material conveyance to a spray gun which is appropriate for textured finishes and standard materials on walls and ceilings.