Polystyrene Cutters

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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we offer a large variety of industry-leading tools and machines that are vital to get you through your working day in whatever field of construction that you’re working in. This is no exception in the world of polystyrene cutters. We offer two exceptional standards of polystyrene cutters and we believe these to be the best in the industry.

Undoubtedly, you’ll have done a lot of research by the time you come to invest in your polystyrene cutters, you need to ensure that you’re absolutely sure before you make the purchase. If you’re unsure which is best for you, or why you should consider our products, contact our brilliant customer services team who will be able to guide you in the direction that’s best for you.

Our SPC 2013 polystyrene cutters are outstanding. It has a rear frame bracket which makes it flexible and adaptable to your daily working needs. It is simple, clear and quick to setup due to its folding legs and uncomplicated nature. The harp angle settings mean that the cutting is precise but also extremely versatile, as you can position the cutters as you need. It can cut up to 1340mm in length and 330mm in height.

Our Optima Light 3014 polystyrene cutters is extremely useful for hands-on, everyday use. It’s extremely popular on construction sites as it can be used as a table-top, suspended or free-standing device. The cutting harp is adjustable meaning precision and versatility and can stretch from 0-55 degrees.

Our machine selection is top of the market and our polystyrene cutters are no exception to this. They’re extremely popular with all of our clients throughout the UK and beyond and what makes them even better, is that they’re at industry-leading prices.