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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we stock an extensive variety of plastering machines to suit different needs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest quality machines throughout the UK and even Europe, with clients travelling to our Cheltenham base from all over the EU to trial, rent and purchase our machines. 

You just need to take a look at our social media pages to see our loyal customers who travel fair distances to us and always return for more. You’ll also see the great reviews from the clients to put clear any doubt that you may have had, and assure you that our machine is the right one for you.

We offer six incredible plastering machines that all have different unique selling points. The M-Tec Duo-mix 2000 has a distinctive dual mixing system that complements the patented mixing principle. Both of these features used together means that there is no better mixing pump on the market. It can comfortably mix a variety of different materials and is easily adaptable to different working conditions. It can be used for construction chemicals, rendering, flooring, masonry and ETICS, and is a specialist from cement plasters to floor screed. Accessories can be purchased to use in addition with the machine and these could include the feeding hood, float finisher or adhesive gun. The M-Tec Duo-Mix 2000 has a conveying distance of 60m, a conveying height of 30m and a conveying pressure of 30bar.

We also offer the M-Tec M330. This is a state of the art mixing pump of the future. This machine focuses solely on the task of pumping due to its single chamber mixing which utilises the wet sump principle. This ensures a high-quality mix and consistency. The PU components are easily cleaned meaning that material that is stuck to the machine is eliminated. The M-Tec M330 is easy to use with simple controls and easy to manoeuvre with crane lugs and wheels. The machine allows you to be precise in your layering to avoid different consistencies. It’s easy to clean and leaves no residue. It can also be used with all standard dry mortar products.

Our M-Tec M200 is one of the newest machines on the market and its suitable for renders and plasters specifically for the UK. It is manufactured in Germany and was designed using their top engineers plus our very own Andrew Hill from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. We also took on board the insights of our customers by finding out their priorities and listening to what they needed.

The EZE K4 is one of the most recent machine from EZE that’s available to us here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. It was intended specifically for the UK market. It’s meant to perform at its best possible ability and to be durable in the working world of plastering. It can be used with a wide variety of products. We usually say if another machine can mix and spray it, so can the EZE 24.

The other machines that we supply are the M-Tec M100 and EZE 24 and can be found here on this page.