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We are extremely excited to hold such a large catalogue of machines for the construction industry. Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are proud to offer four different types of conveying machines. We offer the best and highest quality machines to make your working lives easier on a day to day base and that remains our focus.

We are thrilled to present the M-Tec P50 comes in sizes 5.5kW and 7.5kW. This is a mortar pump that conveys materials such as mortars, concretes, self-levelling compounds and more. It comes in different designs to suit the user. The versatility of this machines allows it to adapt to its working surroundings. It has clear and easy to use controls and due to it standing alone and it being stainless steel, it can be easily cleaned. It’s easily transferable and is one the highest quality machines in its area of expertise.

The M-Tec P20 is intended for the processing of soft materials or products than can be pumped. It’s usually used to pump straightforward, decorative resin and silicate renders, adhesives and more. It has a powerful drive thanks to its frequency converter and this allows continuously regulated output that can be matched specifically to certain products. It’s easy to use, has clear controls and ensures a long life. It can be used to apply materials to flooring, whilst renovating, rendering and more.

The EZE24’s traditional rotor and stator allows the use of a spray gun to convey material, this means your project is more cost-effective and efficient. It can spray base-coats, renders, plaster and hard wall, so its multipurpose and is the best machine for the job.

If you’re feeling unsure which machine is for you or you want to find out more information about one of the machines, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.