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It’s always been so important to us that we ensure that you’re getting the best possible products for the best value for money. It’s also been important that we prioritise your needs over all other aspects of the business. We believe we stand out because this is our primary business. We have no distractions, no other side-line businesses, we are here for you when we need us.

We believe this shows in our customer feedback and the amount of loyal and returning customers that we have. It’s been important to us that we stock a high level of manufacturers to ensure we keep our reputation as one of the best suppliers in the UK.

We stock a fantastic number of Kress products, which are all brilliant quality, long-lasting and reliable. The 2 Speed Cordless Screwdriver (180 AFB Basic) is “rapid-action” and can be used with attachments or for screwing without a chuck. It’s powerful, low-weight and extremely durable.

We also stock the above cordless screwdriver but as 180 AFB 4.2/2.1 Set. This is fantastic for ergonomics for medium and large screwing and drilling diameters.

We also have another 2 Speed Cordless Screwdriver available (108 ALS 2.0 Set L). This has a high lifetime due to electronic overload protection and a powerful battery lamp.

We supply LED Working Lamps with 28 + 4 LEDs, magnet and hook. These take x3 AAA batteries.

You can also purchase the CSL 30 LI Quick Charger which is suitable for 180 AFB, 144 AFB, 180 ATBS and 180 APP.

There are a variety of other products that you can view on this category page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!