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Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are proud to be the brand owners and distributers of EZE range of machines. We have an incredible amount of years in the plastering industry behind us and we know what it takes to provide the absolute best.

Unlike other companies, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is our only business, meaning complete focus on everything regarding support, training, machines, tools, equipment and more. We are experts in our field of practice.

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we provide training at our central hub. Our staff have extensive knowledge of all machines and are always keen to help.

We’re excited to provide our customers with our range of EZE machines. We’ve spent a lot of time, resources and knowledge designing and creating these machines to fit an empty gap in the market and we’re thrilled to pieces that they’re having the success that they are.

Efficient, strong, durable, reliable, you name it. If you have any questions about our range of EZE machines, please get in touch with our friendly customer services team who will be more than happy to help you.