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K Rend

It’s important to everyone here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop that we provide you with the absolute best that we possibly can. We see it as our duty to ensure you’re receiving the best products, equipment and support possible when you shop with Plasterers 1 Stop Shop.

This has been something that’s stayed with this from the moment we opened, many years ago, and will stay with us into the future. This is what plays an enormous impact in deciding which manufacturers to stock.

We love knowing that we’re only providing our loyal customers with the best, it gives us faith that we’ve done everything we can to ensure their work gets completed to the highest quality standard possible.

This is the reason we’re very proud to be able to supply our customer-base with K-Rend. K-Rend have been around since 1939! They focus largely on different industries from the construction industry to industry and agriculture, to landscaping industry, research and development and then to the environment.

K Rend are always looking to better themselves, hold many certificates and accreditations and are always working towards more.

With regards to the environment, K Rend are always working in five areas: responsible manufacturing, recycling, energy efficiency, monitoring biodiversity and on-site restoration.

During the development of K Rend products, they use modern technology to reduce impact on the environment.

As you can tell, we’re so excited to supply you with K Rend. If you have any queries or would like some help with anything in relation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!