British Gypsum

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British Gypsum

We know that you need the absolute best in order to complete your projects to the required standard, if not higher. We also know that you could do with filling your supplies kit up without it causing too much of a dent in the bank. This is why Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer industry-leading prices, because we’re always thinking of you.

We put an extensive amount of time into researching before we decide to stock a specific brand, and this is because we need to ensure their quality is high enough for our customers. The manufacturers that we supply are the best on the market and we are so pleased to be introducing them to you.

British Gypsum pride themselves on “building possibility in the next generation of buildings” – this is something that we love. They aim to provide the materials that help create better places to live, work and play, in all kinds of buildings.

With actual hundreds of years behind them, they’re certainly experts in their field or practice and are always pushing boundaries with the way that they think and create.

We are excited to provide you with British Gypsum’s extremely high-quality products. You can choose from a variety of products that suit your specific needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries that you may have. We’re always more than happy to help.