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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are always extremely proud to showcase the incredible manufacturers that we offer. When searching for new brands to stock, we make it our primary goal to find strong, reputable manufacturers that not only excel in quality of products, but also value for money.

We put an extensive amount of research into finding the brands that we believe are right for our clients and we have absolute faith that every one of them offered to you at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, is the best of the bunch.

M-Tec are a brand with an incredible reputation. Being in the business for over 35 years, they know what they’re talking about. On top of incredible design, quality and value for money, they are constantly improving themselves economically. A company that trade throughout the world, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are very proud to offer their machines and spares and be their main dealer throughout the UK.

We offer a large variety of M-Tec machines starting with the M-tec M100. Manufactured in Germany and designed for the UK market, the M100 is ideal for spraying a huge range of renders, base coats and top coats for EWI systems.

The M-tec Monomix is a great, simply navigated mixing pump. It’s perfect for interior and exterior plasters, adhesives and mortar. You also have the choice of using bagged or soft materials.

The M-tec M330 is ‘revolutionary’. It does away with the need for single stage mixers and allows concentration on pumping.

All machines come with training at our depot in Cheltenham.

If you have any questions regarding M-Tec or any of our other products/services, please get in touch.