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Airless Plaster

Here at Plastering Superstore we handpick our top brand airless plasters ensuring you have the materials you can rely on.


Airless Spray Plaster Bags

The Bagar Airliss G bag is a ready-mixed plaster saving you precious on-site time. This effective spray plaster is also easy to sand with great levelling qualities.

Created by Beissier - European leaders in specialist products for the repair and decorating market, their Bagar range is the number one for ready-mixed spray applied plaster in France.

Equally the Jubolin airless plaster is a top choice for creating exceptionally smooth surfaces. Easy to sand and can be applied either manually or with a spray plastering machine. Top brand JUB distribute worldwide and create environmentally friendly products designed to save energy and the planet – perfect if this is part of your company ethos.

Airless Plaster Buckets

If you’re looking for a bucket of airless plaster, we have the Bagar Airliss G bucket – a ready-to-use water-based plaster. This is perfect for use with your airless plaster machine. With this method you’ll be able to deliver a quality finish that’s up to four times faster than traditional plastering methods.

This Bagar product can be applied up to 5mm thick and has an average drying time of approximately 24 to 36 hours. The white finish also makes painting much quicker and easier.


Drywall Primers and Sealers

If you’re looking to coat new plaster or plasterboard, the Bagar Drywall Primer Sealer is perfect for improving the application of paint. Designed to help even out surface porosity and promote a good finish with high opacity. This can be applied either manually or with your plastering machine. The Bagar Drywall Primer Sealer is also ready-mixed to save you time.


If you’re unsure which of our airless plasters are right for your job, contact our specialist, expert team today and we’ll be happy help.

With years of experience in the trade, you can rely on Plastering Superstore for quality materials every time.