Finishing Plaster

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Finishing plaster is ideal for use on most common backgrounds making it an ideal material to have on hand. Like most of our plaster available, this can be used as a two coat system or on plasterboard.

Because multifinish plaster is so flexible, it’s perfect for patching up and small repair jobs. 

Another benefit of using multifinish plaster is that it offers great sound insulation after skimming. Providing you’re using permeable paint, you can also begin painting while the plaster is still wet.

Tips for Applying Multifinish Plaster

For most surfaces, you should apply two coats of multifinish plaster. The first coat will need to be around 11mm thick, while you should aim for around 2mm on the finish coat.

Make sure the room temperature is right when applying this plaster. Two low (below 0 degrees), could cause issues with cracking as this will weaken the plaster. Equally if the weather is too hot, like most plasters this will begin to heat up and start to evaporate, so make sure any central heating is switched off. Ideally you’d be looking to plaster with in a temperature around the 5-degree mark.

If applying Thistle multifinish to sand or cement backgrounds, be sure to use a good plastering primer to control the suction.

This plaster is extremely properly amongst professionals, so if you’re a new to the plastering world multifinish is an ideal choice for the eggshell smooth finish after skimming.

For more information on using Thistle multifinish plaster or for any additional plastering help and advice, contact our specialist team today