Hardwall Plaster

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Hardwall plaster works great as an undercoat and is suitable for most masonry backgrounds. This includes:

·         Bricks

·         Medium-density blocks

·         Aircrete blocks

You can apply our Thistle hardwall plaster by hand or via a spray machine for ease and speed. As this is an undercoat plaster, our tip is to apply this with an 11mm thickness for walls and 8mm for ceilings.

Top brand British Gypsum are the leading supplier of interior and lining systems in the UK. The manufactures have over 100 years’ experience in plaster, plasterboard and ceiling solutions, so you can rely on them for top quality materials.

We handpick all our plastering materials, only supplying products from leading brands in the industry. This ensures value for money and gives you peace of mind that you’re using the best materials available for your project.

Tips for Working with Hardwall Plaster

Before starting your Hardwall plastering project, make sure you have the right tools and materials for the job. Depending on your project, this can include:

·         A good quality trowel (which you need to make sure is clean)

·         A step ladder

·         A high quality float

·         A wire bush

·         A hawk

·         A utility knife

·         An electric drill with mixing paddle

·         Thistle hardwall plaster

·         Mixing buckets

·         Safety equipment such as gloves, eye-protection and dust mask


Prior to applying any plaster, it’s important to ensure the wall is in good condition (i.e. no crumbling or loose brick) - a poor quality wall can cause the plaster to crack.

Using a wire brush, remove any dirt from the wall before you begin wetting it. Watch out for any nails as well.

Make sure your Thistle hardwall plaster is mixed well so that it’s both thick and coarse – this will ensure the two coats thoroughly cover the wall.

Your basecoat plaster should be around 1.5 – 2mm thick, while the finish coat should have a 2 – 3mm thickness.

For more tips on plastering and deciding which equipment and materials are right for your project, contact our specialist team today.