Plastering Materials

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is company that is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire . They sell tools, machine equipment, plastering materials, and work gear for the professional plasterer. They also provide training for any machine hired, or purchased, and technical and material advice. This is part of their service, to be the top source for all plastering needs.

What types of plastering materials are there?

Their plastering materials are divided into five categories: board finish, hardwall, magnetic, multifinish, and spray finish. All these products come from the same brand, British Gypsum. The Thistle board finish is for ‘low to medium suction backgrounds’. The Thistle hardwall has high impact resistance. It dries quickly and is suitable for hand or mechanical plastering. The magnetic plaster has magnetic attraction for a 3 mm thickness of product. It does not interfere with electric work or wifi and is applied like regular plaster. The multifinish plaster is like regular plaster and it adds extra sound insulation to most classic gypsum wall set ups. The spray finish plaster is designed to work with worm pump machines which sprays the plaster to the walls which will then be smoothed by a trowel. When compared to the multifinish plaster, the spray finish takes more time to set.

What is an essential plastering material?

It depends on the kind of job you are doing and how you want it to turn out. All the materials are good in their own right. The features that may shine in one project may also seem excessive in another. If you will be using a spray machine, then a spray finish plaster is essential. If you are setting up a creative wall in a school, then the magnetic plaster may be a good alternative consideration.

Is there a 'more important' type of plastering material?

No, there is no type of plastering material that is ‘more important’. Having the materials, the board finish plaster, trowels, and buckets, are the most important tools for any plastering jobs. As long as you keep the basic materials down and have quality material you do not need anything else. What payment options do Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer?

Besides their physical store in Gloucestershire, you can purchase your hardwall plaster from The website’s payment options are debit/credit card, they accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, and Delta. There is no cash on delivery option, but they do ship worldwide. Their delivery fee outside the UK depends on the location of the buyer and the size and weight of the purchase.

If you aren’t sure about the materials for your project, contact Plasterers 1 Stop Shop for advice.

Additional Information

Whatever you’re working on, whether it’s plastering a room or creating a partition wall, we believe that having the best tools and materials is paramount to achieving a professional finish, and an end-result that you can be proud of.

That’s why, at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we’re proud suppliers of only the best brands in the trade. This doesn’t stop at our high-value plastering machines, mixers, trowels and tools which come from the likes of Priomix, NELA and Putz; even our plaster finishes come from one of the UK’s top plaster-based drylining systems manufacturers, British Gypsum.

We have a vast array of different finishes available, giving you the flexibility to choose the right finish for your project. So, whether you need a job specific board finish, hardwall finish or spray finish plaster, we have it on the shelf, ready for you to buy online and be sent out to you next day if required. And with our team of professionals, who all come from a background in construction, we’re here to help and advise you if you need us.

For more information on any of the products in our range, please call 01242 236699 or send an email to [email protected] now.