Insulation Systems

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

Exterior wall insulation systems or EWIs are several products that can help in the insulation of houses. These can range from simple pastes to glass fibre mesh, applied to the house’s walls in different ways. Sometimes these products are marketed to work stand-alone, meaning you don’t need to use other products from the same manufacturer. Most of the time, they are sold by companies as a range of products designed to help increase insulation. These products are marketed to help reduce energy bills by making houses need less energy to heat up.

Which are the best exterior wall insulation materials?

It depends on your preferred plastering material manufacturer. Many of them sell exterior wall insulation systems of varying types. For example, in Plasterers 1 stop shop, they sell exterior wall insulation products under 3 different brands: Aero-Therm, Bauwer, and Mapei and can range from plasters to paints.

How do I know which exterior wall insulation materials are the best quality?

A product’s reputation is the only way to be sure that the material you are using is of high quality. And to get an idea how well known a certain product is, researching it over the Internet and talking to your local supplier or professional plasterers are the best ways to do so.

Where is the best place to buy exterior wall insulation materials?

The best places to buy these products are from online stores and shops who have experience with the material in question.

How long is the delivery period for exterior wall insulation materials?

This depends on your plastering or hardware supplier. Plasterers 1 stop shop, for example, deliver products by the next day as long as they’re ordered from them before 3PM the day before.

It is important to note that any EWI instruments/products that aren't being used for traditional insulating methods are not replacements for any traditional insulation methods. They just help by making the walls warmer or easier to warm up. Nonetheless these items are a breakthrough in plastering technology and people in this generation are lucky to have them. And as technology advances further, we might even expect EWI insulation system products that can completely replace traditional insulating methods in the future. Also before using these products, if you have more questions, you should ask professionals before proceeding with your projects.