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Plastering materials have a long history. Since ancient times, we plastered walls to make them stronger and look better. First there was limestone alone, and then gypsum came. Then they mixed lime with sand to create the first stucco. They started using finer gypsum plaster, cement was also invented, and so forth and so on. Today, new advancements in technology has led to the creation of new rendering materials, as well as improving the plastering supplies first used centuries ago that we still use today.

How many different types of plastering/rendering/insulation system/floor screeding materials are there?

There are many different types of materials open to use for the modern plasterer: board finish, hardwall, magnetic, multifinish and spray finish. Rendering materials include basecoats, topcoats, and their dedicated primers. Insulation systems and floor-screeding materials are usually sold by brand, like Aero-Therm, Bauwer, and Mapei.

What materials are classed as essentials?

Materials depend on what type of render and finish you desire. Of course, the tools you need to apply the plastering and rendering are also important, like trowels, scarifiers and scratch tools. For rendering you need a basecoat, a topcoat, and a primer. Some suppliers would recommend that you use one brand for all the materials you’ll need as they work better together. Some suppliers also offer discounts when you buy products of only a certain manufacturer.

Where can I get the best value for money materials?

There are many online stores that sell rendering materials and plastering supplies online, like Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. Like mentioned before, some manufacturers and suppliers tends to give discount if you only bought all the materials you need from a certain brand. Inquiring about it will also help reduce the amount you spend on materials.

There are also other specific materials with special properties sold under other brands. It is worth checking them out as they may have something you’re looking for that you hadn't discovered yet. If you have more questions to ask about each material, be sure to ask your supplier to get tips on which materials you need for you project. Some online shops provide free consultation and quick delivery which can help you get started with plastering as soon as possible. Depending on the type of finish you desire for your wall, you may find yourself also needing special tools like an edge trimmer and a scratch tool. It would be a waste if you found out that you bought the wrong materials for the job.