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Tapes are likely on the lower end of the list of things you would expect to be used during the construction of a home or building. These adhesive materials are remotely associated with construction work but they can be considered vital in different aspects of construction. Some of the most used tapes in construction are the plastering tapes, electrical tapes, and duct tapes.

Plastering tapes, as the phrase implies, are used when doing plastering work. These include the scrim tape, stucco tape, brick tape, as well as the drop film masking tape. They are among the plastering supplies used to ensure the proper application of plaster.

•    Also known as plasterboard joint tape, the scrim tape is basically an adhesive mesh tape applied to the seams during the finishing part of the installation of plasterboard. IT is used to cover gaps between the boards. A jointing compound is then applied on top of it. It is usually available in 48mm x 90m and 100mm x 90m sizes.

•    The stucco tape is used to mask and hang poly sheeting. It makes it easy to prepare the exterior surfaces for the stucco process. A good quality stucco tape is expected to be weather resistant so it can stay in place until the stucco job is completed. It is usually available in 25mm x 55m or 50mm x 55m sizes.

•    The brick tape is a type of adhesive tape specially designed to securely stick to rough surfaces likes those of bricks. It is usually available in 48mm x 5m sizes.

•    The drop film masking tape is one of the essential supplies used in plastering and decorating. They are usually a type of masking tape with a cloth component. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 550mm to 2,700mm and lengths ranging from 20m to 50m.

The electrical tape is used for electrical work on buildings. Usually made of vinyl, they are pressure-sensitive tapes designed to insulate materials that conduct electricity, electric wires in particular. They typically have colour coded uses with black used for low voltage and neutral insulation, red for low voltage phase A insulation, yellow for low voltage phase B insulation, and green for earth grounding. They come in various sizes ranging from 25mm to 50mm thicknesses and lengths of 5m to 20m.

Duct tapes, on the other hand, are strong adhesive tapes often coated with polythene and backed with cloth or scrim. They are used in ductwork and can also serve as protection tape. They can be applied in temporary downpipe installation and are inadvisable as permanent duct sealing since they can quickly become brittle and fall off with constant exposure to heat changes.

Different surfaces and applications require different types of tapes. You need to find the right high-quality tape to use.

Additional Information

As a professional plasterer, we know that achieving a long-lasting, quality finish is important to you. If the customer is pleased with the results you produce, they’re more likely to refer you to family, friends and co-workers, and may even call you back in for their next plastering job. So, avoiding the possibility of being called in for rework jobs, and securing the perfect finish first time round and with minimal effort, is a must.

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we believe that having the right tools is paramount to achieving this, and can save you time and money in the long run. We’re not just talking about your high-value items, such as your trowels and mixers, but even the tapes that you use. It’s not worth opting for generic outdoor tapes that are manufactured with cheap adhesive compounds; they tend not to bond well to irregular surfaces such as render and brickwork, and usually cannot offer the same UV resistance as industrial strength tapes can. Therefore, they are bound to produce some negative results.

Our selection of specialist plastering tapes on the other hand are suitable for even the most challenging outdoor applications, offering unparalleled quality, high adhesive strength and UV resistance that remains for up to 6 weeks. These tapes are specially designed for the professional plasterer, are commonly used in outdoor renovation and building projects, and suitable for use on both render and brickwork.

For more information on any of our plastering supplies, please contact us on 01242 236699 or email [email protected], and a member of our team will be more than happy to help and advise you.