Drywall Screws

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

We find great happiness in sourcing and providing the most relevant, top quality and lowest price products that we can. Our aim is always to ensure that when customers return to Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, they have their needs catered for at the best price possible. This has been the aim since day one and it still is now.

We are please to provide customers with a wide variety of drywall screws. From coarse thread, to fine thread, to collated; we supply all that you need.

Our Coarse Drywall Screw is single thread and has a sharp point. Perfect for fitting plasterboard to surfaces, this screw is robust, durable and incredibly strong. They’re fast to insert/take out and jam less when inserted at an angle.

Our Fine Thread Screw has a single fine thread and a sharp point, less space between each thread in comparison with Coarse Drywall Screws. It’s ideal for fixing plasterboard to tougher surfaces, although can be more time-consuming than other screws due to less travelling distance due to less thread space. However, this does mean more accuracy.

Our Coarse Collated Drywall Screws are great for fixing plasterboard to tough surfaces like Timber. The bugle head and sharp end mean that they are less time-consuming to use.

We’re sure you know what you’re doing, but if you feel like you need some guidance, give us a call and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team can help.