Blue Grit

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Febond Blue Grit is a high-performance plaster bonding agent. It contains a fine aggregate to provide you with an improved key on previously smooth or problematic surfaces. Blue Grit effectively improves the grip of several different substrates, and is suitable for use on surfaces where there is low suction, such as plaster, concrete, painted surfaces, textured surfaces, and even ceramic tiles.

Unlike some of the alternative bonding solutions, Blue Grit is easy to apply. This can be done straight from the tub using a short pile brush or roller; there’s no need to purchase any additional or specialist tools. All you need is one coat, and with Blue Grit’s unique blue colour, it’s easy to see where you’ve applied it.

Once dry, plaster can be applied directly over top of the Blue Grit. Bond strength has been tested in accordance with EN13892-8.

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