Plaster Retarder

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Perhaps you’re turning your hand to a DIY plastering project in your own home, or just starting out in the trade and need a little extra time to work with the plaster while you practice? It could be that you’re a seasoned professional, working on a job where the conditions are particularly unforgiving, and causing your plaster to set too rapidly? Sometimes even the most experienced plaster could do with an extra half hour when working on an especially large or complex job!

With a plaster retarder, an additive or admixture that slows the setting time of gypsum plaster, particularly pesky jobs, where it can be difficult to achieve the desired finish before the plaster starts to set, are made much more manageable. At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, our plaster retarder of choice is the Extratime Plaster Retarder by Eazymix; a manufacturer of chemical additives for gypsum plaster (see also their range of plaster accelerators here).

Eazymix’s Plaster Retarder slows the curing process of plaster by slowing the chemical crystal formation that causes gypsum plaster to set or harden. It is recommended for moderate lengthening of finishing plaster setting times, and can give you as much as an extra 60 minutes of workable plastering time (depending on the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding environment).

For more information about our Extratime Plaster Retarder and how it’s used, please contact a member of our sales team today. Call 01242 236699 or email [email protected] and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.