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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we stock a selection of quality plastering adhesives from trusted manufacturers such as Everbuild and Sika.

Everbuild’s ‘Pinkgrip’, for example, is a heavy-duty solvented grab adhesive with an extremely high bond strength. Famous for ‘sticking just about anything on a building site’, Pinkgrip’s amazing grabbing strength eliminates the need for pinning under the workpiece to prevent slumping. It is water-resistant, so can be used both internally and externally, adhering to just about any building substrate imaginable. 

Sika’s ‘Multi-Stick’ is just as impressive, with the ability to bond virtually anything and everything in both dry and wet conditions, and even underwater or in the rain. With a high bonding strength, it can be used on most materials, porous and non-porous, such as glass, marble, granite, mirror, brick, stone, plasterboard, concrete, metal, plastic, ceramics, fiberglass, timber and much more.

All of our plastering adhesives can be purchased online and are available for next day delivery. If you’d like a hand choosing the right plastering adhesive for your job, please speak to a member of our team today. Our friendly sales representatives come from backgrounds in the construction industry, and have the knowledge to advise you. Call 01242 236699 now or email [email protected], and we will be more than happy to help.