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PVA sealant is great for a wide range of jobs due to it’s multiple uses. You can use PVA as an adhesive, primer, admixture, bonding agent and dust proofer making it ideal to have handy. You can also use it on many types of surfaces and providing you choose a top brand PVA, even dilute with water for maximum use.


Febond PVA

Febond is the go-to original multi-purpose PVA and has many uses in the building and construction world. For plastering you can use this as a primer and sealer for concrete and plaster. As a bonding agent you can use Febond on stable and sound surfaces before you screed, plaster or render.


Sikabond PVA

Sikabond is a contractor’s PVA and general purpose economic adhesive sealer. This is an ideal mortar improver and adheres to most common building materials (excluding PVC and rubber). Prime your unsound surface prior to plastering to ensure a quality finish.


Our PVAs come in large 5 litre bottles and conform to internal plastering standards. Having a good quality PVA will help bond your plaster to the walls. They also dry clear and don’t emit any harmful or unpleasant fumes.


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