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Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer a variety of plastering materials that we believe are vital for all plasterers throughout the world. We are proud to offer the highest quality products to our clients across the United Kingdom and Europe, to assist construction workers in their working lives. We offer a wide range of high quality plastering beads nation-wide, for use in smaller or larger projects alike. We tailor our products to suit our clientele so we are confident that we’ve got the plastering beads to suit you.

We offer three different types of plastering beads to assist you with your daily work load and we are sure that you will find them as useful as our loyal and returning clients do.

We supply the Thin Coat Stop Bead 3mm CATNIC which is 3mm – catnic 2.4m in length. This specific thin coat stop bead is extremely high in quality and made of galvonised steel which is precise and simple to use. It is intended for use in thin coat finishes. It works by creating a barrier which is chipping, impact and cracking-resistant. The thin coat stop bead is suitable for plaster depths of 3mm and is available in the length of 2.4m.

We also stock the Thin Coat Angle Bead Catnic DW2.4 Galvonised 2.4m. This angle bead ensures the highest quality, clean usage with plasterboard or other smooth services. It protects plasterboard to minimize cracking due to its galvonised steel finish. This product is sold in 2.4m length. We also offer it in a 3m length.

We understand that when picking a supplier, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. We suggest you sit down and have a think about the purpose of the product you need, how you will be using it, who will be using, what you will be using it in conjunction with, do some research (take a look at our Facebook for plenty of happy customers) and then make an informed decision.

You should get in touch if you’re confused and our excellent customer service team/technicians would be happy to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with you.

All our plastering beads have been designed specifically to cater for client needs, at the highest possible quality and the lowest possible price, making our products easily accessible in the world of construction.

We are confident that our plastering beads selection is top of the range and we have a database full of happy (returning) customers to justify this statement. Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are focused on maintaining the high quality of products for our clients.