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Plasterers 1 Stop Shop first opened in 2002, and since then they have continued their goal to supply everything a plasterer would need from starting a business to maintain and growing it.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is a company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Since the day they first opened in 2002, they have focused on supplying plastering materials and equipment to professional plasterers. They can supply everything from appropriate work gear to starter trowel sets. They are also the main UK distributor for the M-tec plastering machines and sole importer of Priomix products. They also provide free training for any purchase or hire of their plastering machines.

What brands of workwear do Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer?

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop only currently stocks one brand for plastering workwear, Dickies. However, just because there is only one brand does not mean that there is no diversity in the workwear. They have different options for accessories, work boots, jackets, plastering overalls, trousers, pants, and shirts. Dickies are a popular, efficient and excellent value for money company, hence Plasterers 1 Stop Shop’s complete trust in their products.

Why is it important to have appropriate workwear?

It’s important to have appropriate workwear for several reasons: your environment and your safety. Regular clothes are not designed for the wear and tear of the construction site. Regular denim jeans tear easily and white cotton shirts stain easily. A good pair of decorators’ trousers from Dickies are made of patented material that is tougher than regular denim. Workwear designs have added features that can only be appreciated on site, like elastic waist bands and padded knees.

The second and arguably the most frequently cited reason for appropriate workwear is, your personal safety. Having strong boots instead of your soft cloth trainers can make a difference between slight bruising and an open wound, even regular DIY overalls serve a purpose by protecting your shirt from possible snags and tears.

What are the best construction boots for the job?

The best construction boots for the job really depend on the kind of job you take. It is encouraged to wear steel-toed boots similar to the Everyday Boot in black and grey. However, in sites that do not make use of heavy machinery, like the small renovation jobs to repair walls and screeding floors, then a Medway Super Safety Boot S3 is another good option.

How do you contact Plasterers 1 Stop Shop?

To find your decorators’ overalls, you can contact Plasterers 1 Stop Shop by:

Telephone: 01242 236383
Fax: 01242 224794
Email: [email protected]
Address: Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, Montis Court, Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham, GL52 5JW
While workwear is a standard requirement, being a part of a set uniform, it doesn’t mean you cannot diversify. There are various colour options, without compromising quality and safety.

Additional Information

At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, not only do we pride ourselves on our extensive range of plastering/rendering machines, tools and equipment, we also offer an exciting range of workwear for yourself and / or your team.

It can be difficult to decide on a work uniform that looks professional, has complimentary colours and that your staff are comfortable in. We kept this in mind when sourcing our workwear products and that’s why we supply you with workwear from Dickies. We made it our mission to only provide you with the best and highest quality products that we could find.

When you work on a construction site, we know that you need hard-wearing, durable and comfortable uniform to help you through the working day. Whether it’s overalls, boots, polo shirts, jumpers, jackets or accessories, we’ve got you covered.

We stock an impressive range of work boots from the honey-coloured Graton boot, to the Tiber Trainer in Royal Blue.

We stock work socks, belts, baseball caps and woolly hats too.

You can guarantee that you won’t find better quality products, that look good, feel good and cost even better, with great service, anywhere else on the market.