Measuring Devices

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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we offer a huge variety of different products for use in the construction industry. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the opportunity to invest in the best quality products but for the best value for money.

We offer all sorts of different types of products in our Plastering Equipment category. From simple to more advanced, you’ll find the tool that suits you.

Our Measuring Devices category boasts some impressive pieces of equipment. Our ADM 60 Laser Range Finder is an exciting tool. You can choose to speed up your jobs and work with more precision by quickly determining the dimensions you’re working with. This product is simply operated and allows calculation of area, length and volume. You’ll be able to establish heights that you’re working with, with indirect measurement and it also allows for continuous measurement. You can determine your minimum and maximum dimensions and an illuminated display makes for easy use. Don’t worry about messy work environments as the product is dust and splash-proof.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also offer the Pro Heavy Duty Tape Measure (5m). This product is coated with extra tough nylon and is perfect for heavy duty construction.