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Plastering is a significant component in any commercial or residential building project. Plaster application on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces provide structural integrity and decorative appeal. In addition to this, some qualities of plaster and mortar help achieve fireproof, soundproof, and weatherproof conditions. Plaster also becomes the background surface for paint, wallpaper, and other decorative materials.

Applying plaster is a time-consuming job. It begins with surface preparation, plaster mixing, plaster application, and finishing. For large-scale projects, contractors often use a machine to mix large amounts of mortar or plaster material. A plaster mixer (also referred to as a ‘plasterer’s whisk’) helps increase the speed and efficiency of mixing materials used in different types of plaster application.


What brands of Mixers do Plasterer’s 1 Stop Shop offer?


Plaster mixers are useful because they are flexible. Most of our plasterer’s whisks are not limited to mixing only one type of material. For example, it can mix tile grout, cement, gypsum plaster, paint, and varnish. Plasterer’s 1 Stop Shop carries several models of handheld mixers from the Alfra-Eibenstock brand. Below are two of the most popular models of plaster mixers in our inventory:


•             Alfra-Eibenstock Handheld Mixer EZR 21 S. This mixer model is the latest offering from Alfra-Eibenstock. It is primarily designed to mix heavy materials efficiently. Using this device, you will produce a thoroughly mixed product. You will achieve the same quality result even when combining a mixture of two kinds of material and heavy plaster material.


•             Alfra-Eibenstock EHR 23/2.2S Two Speed Stirrer 240v. This mixer is one of the most powerful machines offered by the Alfra-Eibenstock brand. It is also considered as the most popular mixer in the UK market. The powerful motor of this mixer allows for mixing high viscous materials up to a maximum weight of 80 kgs.


•             What is the maximum amount of material that needs mixing?


•             What type of content needs mixing?


•             Are you working with viscous materials such as cement and tile grout?


•             Will you require double or single spindle mixers?


•             Do you need a flexible mixer suitable for mixing different types of materials?


In addition to plasterer’s whisks, Plasterer’s 1 Stop Shop carries a variety of accessories for your mixer such as plastering mixing drills.


Why is a plaster mixer so important?


Mixing plaster by hand is a tedious job. Workers in commercial projects will spend too much time manually mixing plaster without using a plastering mixing drill. A mixing drill increases speed and efficiency thus allowing workers to complete project specifications according to schedule.


How do I know which Plaster Mixer is right for me?


You can determine the right kind of plastering drill by asking yourself some specific questions:


At the end of the day, every plasterer would want tools that relieve some of the tedious aspects of plastering. Mixing drills are valuable investments for professional plasterers and contractors but can also become a useful tool for DIY and novice plasterers. You can eliminate the extra time spend mixing mortar and focus on the more critical part of plastering which is applying and finishing plaster to achieve the desired result.