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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we offer a variety of brand-leading buckets that we believe are essential for all types of trades in the construction industry. We vary from mixing tubs to buckets. Whether you’re looking for rubber or HDPE, for smaller buckets to mix your materials or larger plastering buckets which will be used professionally or at home; we’ve got the bucket that’s right for you at excellent value for money.

Whilst deciding which product is the best for you, think about the content/materials that need to go in the bucket and think about how it will be helping you get through your daily tasks. All of our buckets have been specifically designed so that they can be tailored to our clients and suit their specific needs at unbeatable prices. They are reinforced in specific areas for extra sturdiness. Whether it be for holding, mixing or storing materials, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop buckets are well accustomed to bringing ease and suitability to your working day.

Our builders’ buckets are a perfect mix of light and adaptable and tough and robust. Designed specifically for the construction industry, they can be used in any industrial situation from plastering to gardening and hold a maximum of 13L. Its strong handle makes it easy and safe to transfer, long-lasting and great for regular use. Our builders’ buckets are strong and sturdy and allow you to eliminate the chances of your bucket breaking after a few uses.

Our high-quality PUTZ TaliaGOM bucket comes in black and has a 40L capacity. It’s completely up to you how you fill it! It’s made of rubber with strong, comfortable handles, meaning it’s flexible, won’t shatter if dropped and is taken from job to job with minimal effort. Our PUTZ TaliaGOM bucket is extremely versatile; ideal for mixing, carrying, scooping, pouring, storing and even the transferal or storage of materials; adapting to the different needs of the construction industry with great ease.

The PUTZ mixing tub comes in white and is made of HDPE and is a high-quality product which is popular for mixing the likes of plaster, render and mortar. It holds contents varying from 40 to 200L, but no matter what the size, it is perfectly formed for its use. The PUTZ mixing tub is strong, heavy-duty and meets all demands for hygiene. Its hoop handle makes it perfect for transferal from site to site. It’s easy to clean and remove plaster/cement residue from, thick-walled and robust for heavy contents between -30c and +70c.

The PUTZ tub comes in black and holds 120L and is suitable for holding and mixing various bulky materials like plaster/render/cement/mortars/epoxy meaning it’s extremely strong, solid and heavy duty, it is also very easy to clean. The walls are thick and sturdy and tapered for easy stacking whilst its sturdy side-handles make it easy, safe and comfortable to lift.

Our bucket selection is top of the market and extremely popular with all of our clients throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer high quality, industry leading buckets at affordable prices which can’t be beaten in conjunction with the quality of the products.