Plastering Equipment

from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

Plastering Equipment and Power Tools from the Best Brands. Plastering in construction has come a long way from the ancient people of Jordan in 7,500 BC who used a lime-based plaster for their interior walls, floors and hearths. Mud plaster that was utilized before to fortify lightweight structures against the elements were also examples, but obviously these did not stand the test of time. These can still be employed, of course, but modern plastering requires only the best equipment to make the most use of the latest advancements in plastering technology.

What types of products come under the term plastering equipment?

The plastering equipment in Plasterers 1 Stop Shop include power tools and equipment like handheld motorized plastering mixers, drywall sanders and vacuums, power drills and screwdrivers, drywall guns, LED work lights, and their compatible batteries and chargers; stilts that are lightweight, robust and reliable; room measuring devices from simple tape measures to high-tech laser range finders; mixing tubs and buckets; hop ups and platforms that are easy to transport and deploy; industrial cleaning wipes for use on hands, equipment and different types of hardwearing surfaces like paint, sealant and oil; durable tool cases; comfortable and hard-wearing work clothes; and essential safety equipment like ear plugs, safety helmets, respirators, dust masks, gloves, and safety glasses.

All of the above come from the best brands in the industry to ensure that you have the most dependable equipment to utilize in your plastering, rendering and general construction projects.

Should I buy power tools online?

The power tools on Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are of the highest quality and come at the best value for your money than anywhere else on the online market. They also have an excellent customer service team that ensures that the quality and authenticity of the brands in the selection are second to none.

They have handheld and multi-speed stirrers and mixers from Alfra-Eibenstock along with accessories like quick change adaptors for M14 whisks and replacement paddles. The flagship product for mixers comes in the form of the Alfra-Eibenstock Handheld Mixer EZR 21 S which is the latest in their line of dual-paddle mixers designed to mix heavy materials like flooring compound, epoxies, renders, mortars, fiber-filled cements, ceramics, granulates, pastes and putties. Its unique design allows the blades to move in opposite directions, eliminating counter torque and making its ease of use unparalleled.

What types of safety equipment should I be using when plastering?

Different types of safety equipment are necessary to conduct plastering activities properly. Safety helmets manufactured from UV stabilized high density Polyethylene help protect  your head from any potential dangers on the construction site. Ear plugs are also necessary to help protect your ears from the loud noises in the site as well as those from any power tools that you operate. Dust masks and respirators come with filter cartridges to help keep debris out during difficult tasks. Likewise, safety glasses protect your vision especially when using power tools. It also blocks harmful UV radiation from the sun when working outdoors. Foam and latex gloves are also critical for maintaining your grip when handling power tools and other electronic devices. They prevent any cuts from sheet metal handling and glass cutting.

The assortment of plastering equipment in Plasterers 1 Stop Shop varies from the quaint measuring tape to the workhorses like the plastering mixers. There are also general tools like drills, nail guns, sanders, and screwdrivers.

Powerful, illuminating LED work lamps that magnetically hook to surfaces are also available to provide the necessary lighting solutions for any site. All in all, the products on the site for plastering are only the best, from the most renowned brands in construction, so there can be no doubt about their quality.