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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are always extremely appreciative of our loyal customers who always come back for more. We love taking advantage of our social media sites, so if you receive anything from us, make sure to give us a mention! We are so grateful to our customers that every now and again, we love to throw some special offer packages in the mix, to thank you for your service and allow you to get yourself a little treat without breaking the bank. It’s our little way of giving something back.

This is where we display all of the most recent deals from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop for you to browse. Its contents varies on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, so you’ll have to keep checking back to see the latest offers!

These deals really do vary but most recently have included our limited-edition trowels which are so popular, that they keep selling out. Our NELAFLEX MKII Gold Edition, Limited Edition trowel comes in red, yellow and green and in the size 14”x4.3”.

These trowels are premium quality and incredibly adaptable. They have a fantastic strength and are engineered to ensure that they can cope well in extreme temperatures and solvents.

They have a hard blade, which is stainless steel and are extremely hard-wearing and durable. They’re strong and lightweight at the same time and have a special handle that’s for good grip and comfort whilst working. These trowels have a fantastic reputation for blade quality and break-in/sharpening speeds.