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At Plastering Superstore we are always proud to offer the best quality products that we can find. We make it our mission to provide the world of construction with the highest quality, best value for money tools and machines possible.

We are proud to present an extensive range of Plastering Tools such as multitools, snips and floats. We are also keen to provide all of the handy, hidden gems in our Miscellaneous category.
With over 10 different products, you’ll be spoilt for choice for those extra additions to your tool kits. We supply the Ashlar Groove Trowel which, at its incredible price and unbeatable quality, won’t be found elsewhere. The Ashlar Groove Trowel includes 3 different blades that will make life easier when working around concrete slabs and smaller corners. Choose to control cracking in the most efficient way possible.

We supply one of the best hatchets available in the construction trade for the best price. It’s efficiency, lightness yet ease of use makes for an exciting addition to your tool box. The handle surface allows a strong grip and the head has a nail puller, making your life that little bit easier.

Although these are just 2 of the 10 products we stock in this category, it’s well-worth browsing to see what else is available. From floor scrapers with long handles, to the SuperPROF Ashlar Tool to the EPS Rasp, there is something that will make your head turn. If you need any help at any point, please get in touch and one of our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you.