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The various types of straight edge tools are designed for additional functions like cutting and reaching low spots. Some have deliberate characteristics that improve their ergonomic comfort while others are more specialised for angular construction work. All tools are made of high quality aluminium from France’s renowned PUTZ Tools Range.

What are straight edges and rules used for?

Straight edge tools and rules are used mainly for measuring flat surfaces and ensuring the level of the plane. For plastering work, they also serve as precise instruments in making smooth walls or floors from the plaster material used in interior finishing. Mostly made up of aluminium or other metal alloys, they assist in one of the final steps of plastering after mixing and applying the material onto the desired surface. They vary in length from 1 to 3 meters in various increments to allow for ease of use depending on the breadth of the project.

How many types of straight edges and rules are there?

Numerous straight edge tools are in existence for a wide array of functions and purposes. Four of the most common are the bevelled straight edge, universal serrated derby and straight edge, h section, h shape rule. Bevelled straight edge tools are used for drawing and scribing straight lines as well as checking the straightness of surfaces. They are primarily intended for portability and accuracy more than other types. The serrated derby and straight edge tools have additional roles like removing air pockets and helping identify low spots in the flattened plaster or render. H shape rules have specialised handles that prioritise the comfort of the wielder to allow longer use during activities.

What is an H section?

The h section straight edge tool is a specialized kind of tool to assist the user in getting into the right corners without breaking the masking of the plaster. It’s comfortable to use and is held at a slight angle similar to a trowel. It can be opened up to skim the high spots off the surface. It is essential for modern plastering and rendering projects that require angled surfaces to finish.

Straight edge tools are the best friend of many contractors and workers in plastering interiors. They are critical in creating high quality surfaces that are as straight as possible. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop has a wide assortment of straight edge tools for whatever plastering needs you may have at affordable prices.

Additional Information

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are proud to offer some of the job-changing, efficient tools on the market. We take great pride in the sourcing and stocking of our products. Our clients always remain our priority throughout all processes. It’s our aim to ensure that our clients can access the highest quality, best value for money products that they can’t find anywhere else, with the reassurance that the items will arrive safely, intact and within the amount of time that our delivery states.

This is no exception with our straight edges and rules category. We are so pleased to supply you with our Universal Serrated and Straight Edge. This product is made in France and is part of the PUTZ range of tools. This tool is extremely diverse as can be used to create a flat surface, removing air pockets but when turned around, the blade can be used as a rule or straight edge.

We also provide the ERGO H Shape Rule which is also made in France, is aluminium and has been designed for precision, quality performance and comfort.

Our Bevelled Straight Edge are top quality and can be used with precision for cutting thinner materials and checking straightness. The straight edge is a fantastic aid when cutting and the bevelled edge is perfect for cutting or scribing against or testing for flatness.

We also supply H Sections which can be found on this page. As you’ll see, we offer such a wide variety of different products, something that we’re really proud of. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, or would just like to ask us a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.