Floor Screeding

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We at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop offer a wide selection of floor screeding tools that are essential for those work within the industry. All our products are the highest quality and at the most affordable prices to ensure that they benefit our customers on many levels. We understand that deciding which tool is best for you can be tricky, that’s why we’re here to help. Give us a call if you’d like some help or guidance from our knowledgeable customer services team.

We offer a variety of floor screeding tools from floor screed brooms to spiked rollers, we are extremely confident that these tools will change the way you work and the quality of your finished projects. Our dappling bar is a fantastic piece of equipment and its intended to remove trapped air pockets and ensure a smooth, final finish. Not only is it fully functional to your needs, but it is easily and comfortably transported. The dapple bar is extremely light weight and high-quality meaning ease of use and an amazing finish on your jobs. It’s efficient and easy to use over the screeding surface. They’re made of high quality materials which makes easy use when dappling.

We supply various sized spike rollers so that whatever the size of your project; we have what you need. They are all light weight, efficient and really use to use. They are great at removing trapped air when leveling the flooring for a smooth finish. These are extremely high quality and for professional use or use at home, whatever your needs are. They’re the ideal tool for screeding surfaces, rolling out air bubbles, levelling your surface and freely rotating. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop provides these in various sizes, our own, unique, branded spike roller is 750mm and the remaining PUTZ spike rollers come in sizes 11mm, 21mm and 31mm.

Our screeding Tripods are an excellent addition to our screeding tools selection. These can be used to help the flowing of concrete and to level screed. The shaft is easily adjustable to suit the depth of materials being used. To prevent wear and tear on the tripods, we have ensured that our tripods are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to complement the use of these materials, meaning you’ll need to replace your tripod even less frequently than normal, as it is more resistant to damage.

We are so proud of the selection of screeding tools that we provide, we believe that we showcase the best and most important tools that are needed to work within this industry at a high professional standard. Our screeding tools are, without a doubt, top of the range products which we are proud to sell to you at unbeatable prices.