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We’re always so proud to stock such a wide array of products for our loyal customers. From the largest machines to the smallest tools, we know that we provide the most diverse products available in the industry, no matter what the size.

Our small tools category is no exception to this. We’re proud to stock some of the most industry-leading products to you at unbeatable prices. Our stock list is constantly changing, but right now, the most sought after product within our small tools category is the SuperPROF Leaf and Square.

Perfect for modelling and ornamental work, the SuperPROF Leaf and Square is extremely high-quality and sturdy to use. Its flexible blades allow for finishing smaller areas and detailed work. It’s incredibly diverse due to the fact it’s double-ended, most useful for jobs that require a gentle touch. It has a comfortable handle, aiding ease of use and has a leaf-shaped blade on one end with a rectangular blade on the other.

It’s flexible and a great tool for filling and touching-up plaster work. The leaf end ensures for an intricate finish. It’s a perfect tool for pointing or cementing brick work on a smaller scale for that extra bit of precision.

We at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are trusted suppliers of construction products and are well-known for our high-quality and low-price products. We pride ourselves on only offering our customers products that we’d use ourselves. We believe that this is the reason that our customers stay so loyal by always coming back for more.